Surviving an economic downturn a critical need to is to manage debt effectively

Manage debt effectively

The current economic environment brings new challenges for Businesses and Individuals. In many cases, Clients find themselves in unchartered waters and without a clear understanding of how to react or proceed financially. The answer is to be prepared, realistic and ready to take positive action. We at FP Consulting Ltd will mediate between you and your financial institutions to find a workable solution for all. The Principals of FP Consulting Ltd, Freddie Hatton & Patricia Mathews, have over 45 years Retail Banking Service and bring with them a multitude of practical experience and expertise.

  • Desktop evaluation of financial position.
  • A comprehensive review of your banking in terms of structure, suitability, pricing and security.
  • Propose a financial strategy.
  • Undertake the banking review with, or for, the client.

If you need advice and support please contact us.

In addition to partnering Clients directly, FP Consulting Ltd is available to assist other professionals, principally Solicitors and Accountants, with specialist Banking and Financial expertise in an Advisory Capacity.

We deal with all the High Street Banks and Finance Management Companies.

If you are having financial difficulties with regard to your Business we will work with you to restructure your current facilities to a more manageable level. It is vitally important to have a good relationship with your Bank. FP Consulting Ltd will manage that relationship for with and ensure that they are provided with up to date information.

Ongoing Advice Service

FP Consulting Ltd provides a Retainer Service to clients where we are available to our client to advise on both their business and banking issues throughout the year.

We will take care of your Business and Personal finance.

Withstand an Economic Downturn

As banks and money markets jitter, credit squeezes more tightly, costs rise and consumer confidence takes a bashing, many SME’s are apprehensive about the future. The answer is not to put your head in the filing cabinet and hope the problem goes away, but to be prepared, realistic and ready to take positive action.

FP Consulting Ltd can provide you with practical and effective advice and services to assist you in making business decisions. Some of the precautions we can help you take are:-

  • Take advice the moment things start to go wrong – do not hang on and hope for the best.
  • Get the right balance of funding.
  • Devise the best possible cash management plan.
  • Ensure you have a Business Plan and that it is flexible.